guilty overdose

This is the evolution of a sinner not into a saint but into a human being , expression of personal feelings and experiences

Passion , Dedication and Alter Ego

what happens when you add a melody to the thoughts in your head ? what happens when there you express your feelings with a harmony ? the answer is simple you get Music.
Music has always been a way to tell a story or to state a point that you couldn’t state in conventional ways, Now anyone who knows me will know how much music means to me and what a huge part of my life it occupys whether Im at work , studying , gaming or even sleeping there must be music playing, Although todays music isnt really my favorite especially since it is being abused today by modern musicians today for profit that is not what Im going to talk about today instead today Im going to present you with a new artist that uses music to convey emotions , feelings , stories and more today Im going to replace the words dedication , passion , talent, emotion with two names that represent all these words so without further ado allow me to present to you Sarah Al Shaybani or Shébani and Mohamed Bailouni or Rayan. Sarah was always blessed with a beautiful talent that was her voice so she decided that she wanted to share her talent with the world so like any aspiring artist she started small and that is by doing vocal covers of her favorite songs and posting them on Various social media platforms especially YouTube slowly she gained more confidence and then started playing those covers live and attending open mic nights all over the country all that while writing her own material now there is something you should know about Sarah and that is she has a very strong personality and it shows in the way she interacts with people and in her opinions regarding everything so when she started writing that is exactly what she wanted to show in her music her character and personality and not just the obvious one but she even gave her inner voice to be a part of the composition process. The pieces were being put together but one missing link was there and that was finding a producer that would be able to transform her expectations to reality, someone who also had a personality as strong as her’s and would understand what she wants and what she hopes to acheive and it wasn’t money or fame but it was something deeper than that, What sarah really wanted was to tell her story , be a voice that is accounted for not just another number in the world’s population and she found that person and He was Mohamed Bailouni or Rayan and they instantly clicked together and synced up and from there it was just non stop dedication and work. Sarah put her social life on hold for a while and went into double dutch mode and trust me when I say that it wasn’t easy but she knew that it was worth and oh was she right, on July 23rd Shébani announced all over the social media platforms that she will be releasing the music video and single called Ocean on fire which is off her EP Alter Ego on the 27th of july and the waiting games began , everyone who followed or knew Shébani and Rayan was waiting for the release of that music video, we wanted to know after all that time and effort they both put in what the end result would be. July 27 the moment of truth the single got released and I can honestly tell you it wasn’t like anything I expected it exceeded all the standards I had set, I could feel Shébani’s Feelings , Hear her thoughts and also uderstand the message that Rayan was trying to convey.Honestly the song put me in a whole different mood, It took me down to memory lane and brought back memories that I had once forgotten and only then only after I heard that song I understood why she chose to call her EP Alter Ego and personally I think each one would have a different interpretation to the song but that’s best part of it feeling something after listening to a song is truly a gift that many people don’t understand and appreciate. I cannot stress on how excited I am for the rest of the EP to be released and I cannot congratulate Shébani and Rayan for their outstanding work.She has raw talent and passion that needed someone to polish and sculpture and Rayan definitely excelled in that. so from my blog I would like to congratulate them both and wish them eternal success in all their upcoming projects.

P.S: links to Shébani music and Rayan are displayed below and a link to Shébani’s latest single will also be posted below



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Tainted dreams

As I gazed to the midnight sky , she asked me what do you see ? I replied , I am a dreamer I see what my spirit wants me to see. I see myself spending eternity with you , I see myself coming back home to you , just the two of us in a distant land away from society where the only problem we face is that are we distant enough I see myself leaning down and kissing you, I see myself crossing dimensions that no human ever knew , I see my guilt filled soul in a mirror telling me that staying close to you is the best choice that I can choose, I see us sitting in front of a warm fire remembering how we met and how it began , I see us growing old and finally I see myself gazing at the midnight sky without you. I then look to my side where you used to be and realise that all of that was just another tainted dream.

Happy International Women’s day !!!

To all my readers and fellow bloggers i sincerely apologize for not posting anything recently but life was keeping me busy, but I’m back again WUHUUUUUU !!! *Crowd goes crazy* and oh I’m back with a new controversy, yesterday happened to be the international women’s day basically it is a day to appreciate women all around whether a mother or a sister or a friend etc. I personally don’t believe or wish women on that day not due to some male ego or is it because I’m a sexist of some kind on the contrary, I don’t because I think that is very unnecessary and pointless in the sense that women don’t need a special day to be appreciated and wished you as an individual can do that any day you want  to it could and frankly I think it should be everyday because the women we are talking about are either your mother , sister , wife , daughter or simply someone you love so don’t you think that these women don’t deserve to be appreciated everyday.I always kept this opinion to myself because I thought that I’m the only one who is shares that opinion until yesterday and this is one of the main reasons why I got inspired to write this article, yesterday I came across a post update on Facebook that belonged to my friends mother that post said (p.s I will paraphrase it ) ” I don’t believe in international women, child or justice day or any day that glorifies emotions etc. that is because  I have all my life to live free and celebrate I don’t need a day to celebrate my freedom and then spend the rest of the days trying to remove my shackles  myself for I have been free since I was born to this paradox universe.” these were the wisest words I ever heard regarding this subject women don’t need a day if you really want to celebrate women it should be done everyday if you are a man make her feel special everyday and if you are women you should know that you are and live everyday to the fullest as a free spirit a wild mustang that refuses to be tamed that is what your everyday should be like and just for fairness sake, I don’t make my mom or sisters feel special everyday and I’m guilty for that but i try my best to make them happy and always be a reason for their smiles so there you have it my opinion on international women’s day is that it is a useless, pointless day, and if you want I will tell you what you can do instead of telling women happy women’s day how about “Happy Women’s Infinity” sounds better and means a lot better as well.

Episode 4

We Need A Name Podcast

In this episode we talk about songwriting, listening to music while making a record, local bands / shows, and more!


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My eternal pain

Here I am in the middle of the night

Pondering at the bright moon light

All I see is you and me

I relive every memory

The flashbacks that come to me

Just add to my misery

What is this ?, Why am I alone ?

What happened to the days where I was strong ?

I feel so lost and burdened with pain

Nothing will ever be the same

The night fades away and so my tears

Carrying away my forgotten dreams

Wherever you are I hope you’re safe

I will never forget you my eternal pain.

Svengali: The Breakthrough

I had a lot of doubts before writing this well  because I don’t like repeating myself in the sense that I already published a post regarding this earlier and that is ” connecting music and my life “. The difference is this time this post will be more of a critic post than a thank you post and I promise to be as subjective as possible well now lets start off with a little bit of history. Svengali Originally started on June 2013 with 3 demo tracks which were embrace , ophidia and The end. They then went into a closed camp at Haven studios and worked in silence for their 1st EP which is called Unscathed and They released it on April 15th, The EP was a great success and quickly spread around Dubai and even reached to the whole middle east in no time and Svengali took that opportunity and decided to have their first debut in Dubai on 7th of June 2014 in an Event Called Metal eastern night and this was the first event to take place under that name. Everyone was on their nerves not just the band members but everyone there because they’ve been waiting to pass their final judgement on Svengali and see if they have the same energy live like it showed in their records and Svengali didn’t fail their fans, with their amazing stage presence and energy the whole crowd felt and interacted with them and it was a huge success for Svengali, Now with this success Svengali had everyone’s eyes on them anticipating their next announcement waiting for anything that keeps that spark still burning and Svengali delivered. Another show for the same event, Metal eastern night 3.This was a real challenge for Svengali because they had to perform their EP again and still make it seem like its the first time they play it live , Svengali knew that people would be expecting that and you could see the tension in their face , They didn’t want to disappoint their fans , the people they consider to be their family, Now if I can I will just add a bit of personal details here, I witnessed what goes on before the show itself, and it takes a lot of effort, Sound check , Set order these things aren’t as easy as they seem so back to where we were; It was time for Svengali to take on the stage and you could see the mixed emotions in their eyes so nervous but yet so excited. 3 , 2 ,1 The first track starts and with the first word that comes out from their lead singers mouth ( Adnan Mryhij) its like all this nervousness was gone and everyone was very comfortable on stage feeding off the crowds energy, They were interacting with the crowd , sing along’s and They even gave a small speech, Everyone had their mind blown because most of the people who attended their 1st show , also attended their second and they were just insane its like the 1st show never happened and its like this is the 1st time they see Svengali live, after they were done and got off the stage the whole crowd rushed to congratulate them and even ask for pictures and autographs to some it really was the 1st time they see Svengali and they loved every moment of it. Metal eastern night 1 was the beginning of Svengali and Metal eastern night 3 was Their Breakthrough. Svengali will never be the same after that night.

Lost in translation

There won’t be any witty introductions this time , I will just be straightforward , This times that we are living in is very confusing and insane , we live in a time where food is captured and shared instead of eaten , socializing is an app more than an action, support to diseases , crisis etc. is through likes , posts and wasting water. A lot of things lost their meaning , like for example the word ” Friendship”, It used to mean someone that I share a mutual emotional and social bond with but now its more of a stranger that I see a lot in a certain place or just the action of “Hanging out”. Its no longer how it was like when you have a bad day and you’d go to your friend for advice and comfort etc. now its different , if you are sad you just go sit somewhere fancy with your ” Friend” spend money and just leave and still leave the problem unattended. There are many other examples that can be drawn but the image stays the same , In short friendship has become an excuse to ” waste time and buy each other expensive gifts on birthdays and other occasions’. Where is the motivation , The force , The drive that your friends are usually supposed to give you, what happened to the people who used to push  you to follow your dreams and stand by your back every step of the way. There is this saying ” Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are ” I never really understood it before but now I understand it perfectly and I go by this saying when I pick friends, I want to be surrounded by people who understand me , my dreams and not just understand it but help me with achieving them and be a part of my happiness and joy when I succeed or be there to support me if I don’t and help me get back on my feet. These are the kind of people everyone should surround themselves with , you should also appreciate them and what they do for you, even if it is a mere thank you and you will see how inspired you will always be and honored you are to have people like them, I’m sure because I always am.