The weakest link

by guiltyoverdose

ever gazed at the sky and wondered if your’e a consistent person in the sense that do you portray the same image with all people no matter what they resemble to you , do you change your personality in order to accommodate with the group or individual that your’e interacting with. I think of it all the time , I like to retrace my day in my head go through the main events , sit alone and think what if I did something  in a different way how would it have affected me and then I remember that I’ve always been like that. I’ve always been that kind of a person who will always have a second thought but not discuss it with himself and just go with the flow and at the end of the day I’ll convince myself that I have no regrets and thinking of it I’m a liar because thinking of that other choice is a sort or regret and instead of speaking it out I kept it to myself to maintain my status between my comrades while actually I shouldn’t have done that in fact I should have shared it and let things take its own direction and see where that leads me , I might have discovered more than I know. I remember this saying ” Leaders are born not created” well what if you are a natural born leader but you choose to hide that aspect about yourself to avoid criticism , in my opinion I think you should be stripped of that gift because its not being sculpted or refined into something that might have a huge impact on your life someday and from a gift its a burden and that’s when you realize that the weakest link in your personality is the person in the mirror, So, the next time you gaze in the stars or wander off in your thoughts don’t think what would’ve happened  instead make it happen.