Hope ( one of my favorite writings )

by guiltyoverdose

There was a man with a big white hat He asked her to smile and remember the past he stretched his arms and gave her his hands He said ‘ I’ll take you on a journey to a faraway land ‘ she took his hand and followed his grace. She gazed at his face and started to wonder why was he was getting by the minute younger? The place he took her seemed calm and cleans too but everything was old like its 1992 with quizzical eyes she looked back at him and he gave her a wink and a dimpled grin. Wait a minute she said I know this place it looks familiar, that little girls face. Then all of a sudden he let go of her hands she asked him “where to?” he said he’ll be back soon. So she walked to the girl and finally asked who are you?. the girl said : I’m from your past I wished you listened to me before I wish you would cry no more. I wish you grew to be what you wanted to be no what would seem a pleasure to see. I wish you followed your heart’s voice not all that logic and useless noise. I wish you remembered the pictures you drew the colors, the feelings they are all a part of you. And then she fades until she disappears leaving her all alone with eyes full of tears. He gave her a hug ‘I’m back its ok’ let’s leave my dear it’s the end of the day she said but please Mr. Wait what’s your name and where will we go. We’re going back home to where you belong. We’ll reach there quickly, it won’t take us long and on the way I’ll tell you why that girl appeared and made you cry. The girl you saw is actually you but slightly older than the age of two. We’re  both best friends so she asked me to hide until she could tell you what’s on her mind. Be strong, Hold on to what you want and don’t say its hard. just remember my name its easy to spell A four lettered word that works like a spell the start is in “Happy’ and The end is in “Love” the middle is n opportunity and also in paradise. My name is “HOPE’ its short and sweet so promise don’t leave me as long as you can breathe because without me 10000’s would die , hearts would be broken and children would cry. She promised she won’t forget she won’t let go because Hope is all that we got and all what we own